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Using our main online tool - OLMAT (Online MassSpec data Analysis Tool) you can:

- Instantly analyze MassSpec (Mass FingerPrinting) data online, without experience in proteomics.

- Convert large numbers of MassSpec data files into Excel spreadsheets within 5 seconds.

- Auto-extract "% coverage", Mascot® score and "peptides matched" parameters from your data.

- Compare multiple test samples and controls with just a click.

- Analyze your data by subtracting and/or intersecting multiple experimental datasets.

- Remove contaminants (e.g. keratins) from your datasets, automatically.

- Use pre-loaded lists of common IP-MassFingerprinting contaminants.

- Automatically obtain functional info (gene ontology and known interactors) of the proteins in your lists.

- This simple to use, yet powerful software is 100% online (no need to install).


- OLMAT software is cited in an EMBO Journal paper by Perez-Oliva et al.

- OLMAT software is cited in a Biochemical Journal paper by Banerjee et al.

- OLMAT software is cited in a Nature Communications paper by Herhaus et a..

- OLMAT software is cited in a Journal of Cell Science paper by Hoxhaj et al.

- OLMAT software receives Innovator of the Year Award from Dundee University, College of Life Sciences.

Other ProteinGuru e-Tools (in alphabetical order):

BASALT - Biological Sequence Analysis Tool. A handy tool to analyze protein sequences for (multiple) motifs, using regular expression search.

FreqPlot - Frequency plotter tool. Simply enter a list of gene symbols or protein names and see how frequently does each appear in your list.

GeneAD - A tool that lists all the known "Other Aliases and Designations" for a given gene symbol.

InteracTool - A tool that lists all the published binding partners of a protein.

Intersect - Generates lists of common interactors between queried lists of proteins. Especially useful when analyzing data from IP-MassSpec or Y2H screens.

Motifgen - Generates a consensus motif using input of stacked sequences.

MultiVenny - Cross-reference multiple lists at once

OntoFind - Retrieves ontological information for the queried gene or a list of genes (batch).

PeptiCut - Finds the optimum protease to be used in MassSpec analysis. Also, can selects proteases that wouldn't cut at the motif of interest.

ProteinGuru e-Calculators (in alphabetical order):

Densimolar - A simple calculator for conversion of densities to molarities.

Quantilator - Performs everyday handy conversions such as from micrograms per microliters into micromolars and vice versa.

Timecourse - A simple tool to organize your timecourse experiments.


DISCLAIMER: Mascot® is a registered trademark of Matrix Science Ltd.